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Nov 17, 2015

Sep 16, 2013

Thoughts Become You - The Truth Is On The Cover...The Details Are Inside!

Thoughts Become You by Mack Buckley

If you want the SECRET that these BIG TIME Gurus have been selling for HUGE PROFITS for quite literally a “drop in the bucket”then Thoughts Become YOU is your answer!

IMG_0006Mack Buckley, author of Thoughts Become You has taken the secret out of success...literally! Between the covers of Thoughts Become You are 106 pages of not only life changing information, but also life saving. Inspired by his own dream to become a published author, and to give back the lessons he learned while getting his own life together; Mack wrote Thoughts Become You to inspire the people of the world seeking a better life. Written in plain english so everyone could understand, Thoughts Become You is simply the truth. As he puts it, "the truth is on the cover...the details are inside."

Filled with his own experiences of struggles and triumphs, Mack explains things like The Law of Attraction, The 6 P's (Proper Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance), The Law of Gratitude, and other  principles essential to anyone wanting to live a better life no matter where they are in the world. Thoughts Become You has touched the lives of numerous family, friends, and people from all walks of life. It is his sincere hope that Thoughts Become You can reach the hands of all the people around the world so that the pursuit of happiness can be enjoyed by all.

In Mack's own words:

"The difference between the successful person and the unsuccessful person is the successful person believes in themselves. The successful person believes in themselves so much that they don’t stop until the goal or dream is realized. The unsuccessful person gives up right before the breakthrough."

Let Thoughts Become YOU guide you on a journey of enlightenment. Learn how to change your thinking as Mack did and start on your very own road of success. All you have to do is want to change more than you want to remain the same.

You can preview the 1st chapter of Thoughts Become YouThe Past Has Passed here for FREE! If that isn't enough and you want more, Thoughts Become You is available on in paperback and kindle formats.

And if you are still not convinced, look under the owners section of GrynDE Hawse right here on Mack is our CEO and founder, as well as the founder, CEO and co-owner of PRINT 25 Apparel. The power of Thoughts Become You is literally right in front of your eyes! It is the blueprint of all you see, and all that is possible if only you believe in yourself.

Visit Mack's other website

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE give Thoughts Become You a try and spread the word!


Oct 14, 2012

New Music: M.A. Cee-Kings - "Imma eMCee"

If you been tired of trash rap and non-sense lyrics then I wrote "Imma eMCee" for you. This ain't for the radio heads that bop to ear worm tunes. This for my hip hoppers! For the young spitters coming that need to know that you can say what they feel and not get caught up in the industry. For every eMCee that ever ripped it down with a microphone and moved the crowd. The Mic Champions! I did this for us! Please Share and Buy a copy for each one of your gadgets on either Bandcamp or Google Play! 

Apr 1, 2012

M.A. Cee-Kings: The Music Industry and Me


I don't know exactly where this will end up but I felt compelled to write this because of some new things I have been learning. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you probably have seen my posts or tweets about the music industry as of late. Re-evaluting my position as to how important is it for me to BLOW UP! Always been a dream of mine to be recognized on the worlds stage. As a youth its all glitter and gold. It looks good. Then as an adult you learn about what it takes, or rather what others have done to "ascend" to their positions of fame and wealth it becomes a bit more cloudy. It's like looking at a glass of clear water and someone pouring milk in the glass the more you learn. Oddly, the truth becomes clear..not because the milk clouds your vision..its now your able actually to see what was never there. By my own admissions I have said that I have them "dark forces" in me. I haven't sold my! What I mean is I have been apart of some things not of the light so to speak. The streets etc... Just so happens at this time I feel I'm being tested. I feel like I have to choose sides. The crazy part is all I ever wanted to do is make music. Now it feels like the wrong choice will haunt me forever.

M.A. Cee-Kings

Update: November 26, 2013

Looking through my old posts and I came across this. I had forgot that I had wrote it, but ironically enough I am still in almost the same spot. I’ve learned even more about the industry and its dealings. The road ahead has revealed itself to be even more hazardous to navigate. If that glass of water was real back in April 2012,  I would have a glass full of milk by now. All the water would have been displaced. Sh*t real, but so is my dream. So I’ve just decided to make music and let the rest be history. I have a price that I am not willing to pay. Would I still like to blow up? Hell yeah. Who wouldn’t? I rhyme because I love it, but to get paid millions of dollars to rap my songs would be a bonus. I’m with that. This whole thing is about family for me now. To build something that will secure the financial future of my family now, and generations to come is the goal. It would be nothing less than dope to do that in a few years. However, it wouldn’t be any less dope to do that regardless. So I’m going to do it my way. The old fashioned way. Fan by fan. Show to show. Updates and posts. Mixtapes and albums. And see how that goes. :)