Dec 15, 2013

If You Ever Wondered How I Felt

Hello world,

Last night I took to Facebook and shared how I was feeling. I felt it was only right to share it with the fans and supporters of The MACK Report. I really appreciate all of you, and even though this post is my very true feelings; know I haven't given up. I just had to get it out. Thank you for rocking out with me. - Mack

12-14-2013 Post From Facebook:

I have moments of happiness, but I haven't been truly happy in a long time. There are many reasons why. Some are my own fault, but at the heart of it all is my son. I really miss him. I haven't hugged him in so long I hurt constantly. I try to fill that void with all the things I can find to distract my mind from my pain, but it doesn't work. I used to pray, but it didn't work. I'm just being honest. The God I was taught to love has never ever talked back to me. I've never heard his voice. All I ever heard is myself. And 99% of the time...that's all I feel like I have. And while that's not entirely true because I have some amazing family members and great people in my corner, they can't fill my emptiness. My mind and my heart are heavy. I don't expect you to understand, or to have the answers. I was just tired of holding that inside. If you ever wonder what is wrong with me, why I'm an asshole at times, why I turn cold, I don't come out to parties or events, or you don't see or hear from you know why. I apologize to the people who feel like I haven't been a good friend lately. When I'm not busy grinding and trying to find ways to change my situation, and the lives of those I care about situations, this is all that's on my mind. Sometimes I need love. Other times I can't take it. So if I've fell off in our dealings this is why. It's not you. It's me. If I love you I love you. That hasn't changed, and it won't unless you change it. I'm still me. I just have to fix me. I'm gone and broken in certain places. Still looking for some of my pieces while not trying to lose the others. I wish I could say I ain't worried about nothing...but it wouldn't be real. I'm worried about some things.


Those were my thoughts. My true thoughts. - Mack


Nov 20, 2013

A Short Letter To My Fans

Whats good folks? I am well. 

The reason for this post is to say thank you to all my fans and supporters. You all have been amazing. As an artist that is maturing and always exploring my craft, I appreciate the latitude I have been given to grow. As a hip hop artist it's difficult to do different things when your audience expects the same thing from you that made them like you. People don't always grow as fast you do from an artist's perspective. Fortunately I've never really had that problem because YOU have allowed me to be me. And for that I am truly thankful. You are the reason that I keep dreaming bigger and pursuing my vision. A lot of people are starting to figure out what you and I already know. That I was born to create and perform.

For those who just happened upon this post, its not by chance. You are supposed to be here. No bullish*t. Do you know how many websites and blogs there are on the internet? Me neither. You could be on, but you're reading this right now. Here with me. 

So, who am I? I am a lot of things. Father, son, brother, emcee, published author, entrepreneur and so much more. My given name is Mack, hence the stage name M.A. Cee-Kings (pronounced seekingz). I'm from Delaware. I get busy on the mic. I'm nice with a pen. I'll let the music speak for itself.

Peace and blessings,


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Nov 5, 2013

Download Mixtapes by M.A. Cee-Kings

Whats good my peoples? I know I haven't been keeping The MACK Report up to date, and my apologies. I have a lot on my plate, but I am going to start posting and sharing more of what is going on with me and The GrynDE Hawse Family. I appreciate everyone that supports and continues to support M.A. Cee-Kings and my music, as well as my other endeavors. NEXT--->

There are a lot of folks that know me and what I do. On the other hand, there are a lot of you that who don't. As a person I'm cool with that. I'm kind of the private type. I'm more introverted. As an artist I'm always looking for listeners. I can't get enough. I'm out here! SO--->


I put all these mixtapes out before the end of 2011. The Man and the Machine was the last official mixtape I dropped in December of that year. Before that was The Poltergeist Mixtape, and before that The Open Case Mixtape LP. I dropped another mixtape called The Open Case Poltergeist Mashed Up Mixtape, which was a blend of the 2. Below the covers are the links to DOWNLOAD from DatPiff



(No DeeJay Edition)