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Nov 17, 2015

Aug 1, 2014


We live in a world where wealthy corporations can affect the politics of the day by buying off the politicians who make the laws to benefit their cause. Corruption exists at every level of government be it federal or state. One of the fastest growing industries is the Prison Industrial Complex...wait, maybe you didn't get that. I said...the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!

Now, I know a lot of you don't know what that is, or maybe never heard of it before. So what is it? It's BIG BUSINESS...and it's REAL!!!

So what exactly is The Prison Industrial Complex, or (PIC)? It's the systematic incarceration of human beings for PROFIT! Plain and simple.

Privatized prisons are big business. Especially in America. We lock up more of our citizens per capita than any other country in the world! The trade off is free to cheap labor by prisoners better known as 'inmates' in correctional facilities, and exuberant profits for the corporations in business with them. We will get into all that in just a moment. What I want to say now is that I am not reporting solely off of research. I am reporting from experience! My very own firsthand personal experience from INSIDE of this monster. I am eyes for those of who have never seen past the razor wire wrapped fences surrounding prison walls.

I'll start by acknowledging that I've recently been inside the prison walls. In fact, I've been behind the prison walls a few times is my life. My incarceration history starts in the year 1999. Before then, I had been arrested before and spent time in a police station waiting to be released for minor mischief, but my first experience setting foot inside a prison came on August 29, 1999. I was arrested on gun and drug charges by the Delaware State Police. It was a Sunday.

So what did I see on that Sunday? And what did I learn? Well...what I saw was a new reality. What I learned was this new reality was modern day slavery. Hell on earth on all levels. Nothing under your control.

First I was arrested, and afterwards I was taken to a Justice of the Peace Court where they placed a bail amount on every single charge I had been given. I received 14 charges that day, and by the time I left from the courtroom I had racked up a $14,000 dollar cash bail. That equals out to $1,000 dollar per charge. For every charge there is a minimum and maximum dollar amount that can be set. The judge will set what he thinks is appropriate. In my case, the arresting officer was asked by the judge if what was set was sufficient. The officer said yes, but if he said no, the judge was willing to listen to the officers recommendation. Now, even though I was in the wrong, how many people just walk around with $14,000 dollars in cash? Even me selling drugs and making lots of money wasn't doing that. The judge asked me could I pay my bail right there in the courtroom. I of course said no. He then said I would be committed to the Delaware Department of Corrections. In a land where you are supposed to innocent until proven guilty, it sure felt like I was being treated guilty until proven innocent. And that bail...or that 'so called bail' became a ransom. Unless I paid the state that money I would be held in prison. Now, I could have used a bail bondsman and paid a certain percentage (33% of the $14,000) to be released, but that's another part of the hustle. I eventually did use a bail bondsman to secure my release, but not before I went to court for my preliminary hearing and the D.A. tried to raise my bail/ransom to $72,000 dollars cash. The motion was rejected because it was my first time ever being in trouble, but imagine if it wasn't. How many people coming from a low or middle income family can afford a $72,000 cash bail, or even a percentage of it? Not too many I know. Fortunately, I had enough money put away to post my bail and retain a lawyer. Most people will sit in jail and go on to face trial without adequate representation. The state knows this, and they are BANKING on it. The state will offer you the assistance of a public defender, but in reality he works for the state. He is supposed to work for you, but he's the states 'inside man' so to speak. He wants to offer you a deal. He doesn't want to defend you. The name for the public defenders inside the walls is the public pretender. At the end of the day he busting it up with the prosecutor, the judge, and the state is cutting him a check.

Now here is the thing about it...this type of thing, or process of events happens to ever single person brought up on new charges in every state in America, and in every police country state around the world. So you can see how lucrative it can become for the state and the private investors when this happens day after day, after day after day. Jails don't close. It's a 24 hour a day business. And it doesn't matter if the prison is crowded. They will find a place for you. The more the merrier. And right now I'm just scratching the surface. Let's get a little deeper.

Now when you begin factor in all the other intricacies of the (PIC) the cash cow just gets bigger. From the government to state pay outs for keeping prisons filled, to the free or cheap labor performed by the 'inmates', to the almost impossible probationary and parole sentences handed down that keeps the recidivism rate healthy, the prison industrial complex is thriving, and will continue to thrive. It's a system designed for the offender to fail all the way around the board. With that being said, let me explain to you what recidivism is, and why it keeps the prisons running.

Recidivism is the rearresting of a former 'inmate', prisoner or offender. In most cases for the same or a similar crime, or for the violation of their probation and parole guidelines. The recidivism rate is the combined re offenses of all offenders. Now, to bring things in a different light, the recidivism rate in the black community in 2 to 3 three times higher than any other "race" in America even though we make up less than 15% of the total population. Blacks are sentenced to harsher penalties for the same crimes committed by their white counterparts. And while honestly I can say it is a racial thing, I'm just trying to show you the disparity involved. It's not hard to see the thought process behind the owners and law makers. Most people just don't know about, act like they don't know about, or don't care because they feel it doesn't concern them. Look the numbers up for yourselves. Recidivism is the true goal outside of locking up new offenders. You will hear the word rehabilitation thrown around as if it's the main objective of the correctional facilities, but the truth is you become more of a criminal, or criminal minded because of the severe and harsh conditions you are forced to live in. Make no mistake about prison it's all about survival. Only the strong survive. There is predator and prey. You decide what you are going to be the moment you get inside, or somebody will decide for you. It isn't your everyday walk in the park.

As we move along, please keep in mind that I haven't begun to talk about the 'inmate' living conditions  inside the jail. For a moment just try to imagine this... You living in a 6' x 9' or 8' x 10' box, which is called a cell with one or more other human beings, and everything you are allowed to own while incarcerated fitting underneath your bunks or inside of a locker box. Imagine having to urinate and defecate in front of these people because you have no other options to relieve yourself. Smelling the foul bodily odors of these people while being confined in close proximity for large periods of time every day. You have virtually no privacy if any privacy at all. The more people you can fit inside a cell or unit, the more money you can make. And the jails are packed! It's human warehousing for profit. Once again, I'm scratching the surface.

Now let me speak to the taxpayers for just a second. I know you work hard, pay your bills and taxes and try to live a righteous life, but the truth of the matter is you are being scammed too. The state or the government doesn't need your money to keep jails up and running, or it's prisoners clothed and fed. You are a added bonus to the pot. To get into that I would have to break down what is known as Uniform Commercial Code, or what is known now as Old Maritime Law which I will report on later in a separate article. For now know have been owned, bought and traded on the stock market since your birth and your mother signed your birth certificate. If you don't believe me, go grab your birth certificate and look on the back for the words BANK NOTE! If you have an older copy request the newer ones that look like certificates. And yes, even you have a SBI number. It is assigned at your birth as well and follows you for the rest of your life. You may never know it or see it, but it's just not a random number you receive one you run a foul of the law. It's been waiting on you since day one. The truth is we are all owned, but that a different story for another time.

As I mentioned earlier, the 'inmates' or prisoners produce cheap, practically free labor for the prison. Wages for job functions held inside the jail are sub-standard to say the least. My recent chat with a kitchen worker while I was inside revealed he made $0.32 an hour as a cook. The head cook he said made $0.38. Now, just assuming you were a head cook and you worked 8 hours a day, you would only make a little over 3 dollars a day. Multiply that by 30 and you make just over $90 dollars a month. Every day you cook for hundreds if not thousands of 'inmates' and you only make $90 dollars a month. If the prison were to bring in an outside company or cooks, the price would be 1000 times that or more easily. Please keep in mind that in this scenario the head cook makes the most in the kitchen. And the numbers used aren't standard. They can be more, but they are usually much less. Much much less. And that is just in the kitchen. We are not talking about building or grounds workers who are also making well less than a $1.00 an hour also. Cheap labor reaps huge profits. Just another way the (PIC) keep the coffers overflowing. Oh, and by the way...there aren't too many 8 hour work days going around. You are lucky to work half of that. So do the math. Try to survive off of or less than $90 dollars a month in the real world. Add on top of that, you're doing of this with no benefits. No 401k, medical insurance, or insurance of any kind, profit sharing or retirement plan for your latter years. And no guarantees in the area of job security. All it takes is one infraction and you can lose your job. Jails aren't made up of all the same people who think the same way. Different personalities clash and belief systems differ, and they put you all together and tell you to play nice. It's just a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. And more often than not disaster strikes.

Let me be clear, I'm not exaggerating or making up my own truth here. This is actual fact. Nor will I be able to fit all the gargantuan details associated with the (PIC) in this article. Even with my personal insight, and knowledge on the matter, the truth is I'm just giving you the birds eye view. I just want it to show for the record that what some people have been taught to view as a remedy or the acceptable alternative for crime, punishment and behavior modification is really a business designed for the people trapped in the system to fail. A really big business...and it's growth industry in corporate America. More money is being spent to build prisons than schools. Now you do the common sense to that and tell me what is wrong with that.

While many of us take for granted the freedoms and liberties we have outside of the prison walls because we've never been accustomed to living conditions within, the very rights and things we give second thought to are almost all stripped from the individual once in lock up. Being told when you can move, eat, use the bathroom, make phone calls, have visits from family members and socialize are just a few of the things an 'inmate' has to deal with on a daily basis. From the warden down to the correctional officers who work the cell block, the 'inmate' has little or no freedoms at all. And frankly...I'm being modest. An 'inmate is subject to 24 hour policing in everything that he or she does (I don't want to leave out the women because they aren't immune to this system as well) while incarcerated. And even still, if an offender makes it on probation or parole, the guidelines within they must live are nearly impossible to maintain. The few that make it out of the system suffer the consequences of their crimes long after they have so called paid their debt to society. It's a broken system that creates an even more broken individual once released back into a society that will forever look down upon your past transgressions. You are labeled. The simple act of just getting employment is a task in itself. And while it can be done, most never see the prosperity of a so called 'normal existence' for the rest of their lives. In fact, for those who spend five, ten or more years inside of prison, they become what is called institutionalized, meaning they become accustomed to life behind he walls and find it hard to re-adjust, if ever released back into society. There are some who choose not to leave prison even after they serve their sentence because they know they can't make it on the outside. And some that just re-offend after they are released to get back to what is familiar to them. It may sound like a far fetched tale, but this is what is going on. This is what is happening.

Now, I know to some it may sound like I'm pointing out all the bad aspects of prison life. Some of you may think...great, that is what they deserve for committing crime. And I'll be the first to say there some may deserve harsh punishments according to nature of their crimes, but when you look at the prison population, especially in America, most are incarcerated for non violent crimes such as drug possession domestic disputes. The disparities behind sentencing even according to race are mind blowing. The justice system, or what I like to call the injustice system is one of the biggest red herrings allowed to be perpetrated the country and world over.

The need for prison and justice reform is at a precipice. If things are allowed to continue at its current rate, the promise of a more moral and better society will certainly be crushed under the weight of antiquated policies and thinking. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There needs to be massive overhauls of policy on all levels from food, it's production, to education and so on...but to keep things in focus I will stay on the topic at hand.

I believe everyone should be held accountable of their actions. In no way am I advocating no punishment for crime, however I believe the punishments should fit the crimes. There is no reason a person with a drug offense should serve more or as much time in jail than a murderer, rapist or a pedophile. To give an example of what I mean...I did a little over 2 year stretch for marijuana possession. I was incarcerated with a individual that was sentenced to 2 1/2 years for involuntary manslaughter. This individual killed 2 people and seriously injured himself and another while driving drunk after a night of partying. Now while I admit my crime was a crime, how does a person convicted of selling marijuana serve almost the same sentence as a person who recklessly endangered 3 lives other than his own and kills two people? I know of individuals that have served about the same amount of time for sexually abusing children. Now, if you can rationalize why that is okay or just, I seriously challenge your belief system.

I will continue to report on the prison industrial complex and bring you more insight into its inner workings in future articles. Like I said earlier, I'm am just scratching the surface. The politics  involved in allowing this system to operate alone could fetch novels worth of pages. The players who have their hands in this business would love nothing more than bigger profits and for you to be none the wiser about what's really happening in their corporate boardroom meetings. It benefits them for you to remain ignorant and inactive about the state of human rights. As long as you keep a blind eye to the crisis at hand, they will continue to reap the rewards of human suffering. I implore you to do your own research, and share all that you can with your fellow man.

Thank you for reading, and please share this information with all you can. Feel free to comment your opinions and let me know what you think, and what you would like to know. I will do my best to answer your questions, or find the answers if I don't have them. Once again, Thanks for reading The MACK Report.

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Dec 15, 2013

If You Ever Wondered How I Felt

Hello world,

Last night I took to Facebook and shared how I was feeling. I felt it was only right to share it with the fans and supporters of The MACK Report. I really appreciate all of you, and even though this post is my very true feelings; know I haven't given up. I just had to get it out. Thank you for rocking out with me. - Mack

12-14-2013 Post From Facebook:

I have moments of happiness, but I haven't been truly happy in a long time. There are many reasons why. Some are my own fault, but at the heart of it all is my son. I really miss him. I haven't hugged him in so long I hurt constantly. I try to fill that void with all the things I can find to distract my mind from my pain, but it doesn't work. I used to pray, but it didn't work. I'm just being honest. The God I was taught to love has never ever talked back to me. I've never heard his voice. All I ever heard is myself. And 99% of the time...that's all I feel like I have. And while that's not entirely true because I have some amazing family members and great people in my corner, they can't fill my emptiness. My mind and my heart are heavy. I don't expect you to understand, or to have the answers. I was just tired of holding that inside. If you ever wonder what is wrong with me, why I'm an asshole at times, why I turn cold, I don't come out to parties or events, or you don't see or hear from you know why. I apologize to the people who feel like I haven't been a good friend lately. When I'm not busy grinding and trying to find ways to change my situation, and the lives of those I care about situations, this is all that's on my mind. Sometimes I need love. Other times I can't take it. So if I've fell off in our dealings this is why. It's not you. It's me. If I love you I love you. That hasn't changed, and it won't unless you change it. I'm still me. I just have to fix me. I'm gone and broken in certain places. Still looking for some of my pieces while not trying to lose the others. I wish I could say I ain't worried about nothing...but it wouldn't be real. I'm worried about some things.


Those were my thoughts. My true thoughts. - Mack


Nov 20, 2013

A Short Letter To My Fans

Whats good folks? I am well. 

The reason for this post is to say thank you to all my fans and supporters. You all have been amazing. As an artist that is maturing and always exploring my craft, I appreciate the latitude I have been given to grow. As a hip hop artist it's difficult to do different things when your audience expects the same thing from you that made them like you. People don't always grow as fast you do from an artist's perspective. Fortunately I've never really had that problem because YOU have allowed me to be me. And for that I am truly thankful. You are the reason that I keep dreaming bigger and pursuing my vision. A lot of people are starting to figure out what you and I already know. That I was born to create and perform.

For those who just happened upon this post, its not by chance. You are supposed to be here. No bullish*t. Do you know how many websites and blogs there are on the internet? Me neither. You could be on, but you're reading this right now. Here with me. 

So, who am I? I am a lot of things. Father, son, brother, emcee, published author, entrepreneur and so much more. My given name is Mack, hence the stage name M.A. Cee-Kings (pronounced seekingz). I'm from Delaware. I get busy on the mic. I'm nice with a pen. I'll let the music speak for itself.

Peace and blessings,


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Nov 5, 2013

Download Mixtapes by M.A. Cee-Kings

Whats good my peoples? I know I haven't been keeping The MACK Report up to date, and my apologies. I have a lot on my plate, but I am going to start posting and sharing more of what is going on with me and The GrynDE Hawse Family. I appreciate everyone that supports and continues to support M.A. Cee-Kings and my music, as well as my other endeavors. NEXT--->

There are a lot of folks that know me and what I do. On the other hand, there are a lot of you that who don't. As a person I'm cool with that. I'm kind of the private type. I'm more introverted. As an artist I'm always looking for listeners. I can't get enough. I'm out here! SO--->


I put all these mixtapes out before the end of 2011. The Man and the Machine was the last official mixtape I dropped in December of that year. Before that was The Poltergeist Mixtape, and before that The Open Case Mixtape LP. I dropped another mixtape called The Open Case Poltergeist Mashed Up Mixtape, which was a blend of the 2. Below the covers are the links to DOWNLOAD from DatPiff



(No DeeJay Edition)


Nov 4, 2013

M.A. Cee-Kings VEVO Channel

I got my own VEVO Channel!
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Sep 26, 2013

M.A. Cee-Kings - One For Da Hustlas (Official Video)

The official music video for "One For Da Hustlas" by M.A. Cee-Kings
Produced by J. Random. © 2013 GrynDE Hawse

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Executive Producers: M.A. Cee-Kings & NeyWiL
Directed by Channel Pyramid & M.A. Cee-Kings
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Sep 15, 2013

M.A. Cee-Kings Imma eMCee Verse LIVE From The Basement!


Check out this video of me spitting the first verse and hook of a joint I wrote and produced called Imma eMCee
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M.A. Cee-Kings Crooklyn Freestyle ( LIVE From The Basement)

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Jun 15, 2013

M.A. Cee-Kings Performs His New Single One For Da Hustlas


Check out this clip of me performing One For Da Hustlas on the Soul Fusion Verse stage at Spaceboy in Wilmington, DE. I almost didn't get to perform it because my show disc wouldn't play. Luckily I keep all my performance tracks on my drop box. I plugged into the DJ thru my iPhone, ripped, and got off stage. Check Out the FULL SONG BELOW!

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Jun 11, 2013

New Music: M.A. Cee-Kings "One for da Hustlas" (Produced by J. Random)

What up!?

I dropped my New Single “One for da Hustlas” . It is NOW AVAILABLE  for purchase oniTunes. I did this joint for the folk who really live that life, lived that life, and myself because I came from that life. It's not a song for everybody. Some people won't like the content but I can't help that. This is for those that do, that understand, and that feel it. The banger was produced by Top Flight Productions aka T Fleezy member J. Random. OFFICIAL VIDEO COMING SOON! #newmusic







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May 24, 2013

M.A. Cee-Kings "One for da Hustlas" Promo Video

MA. Cee-Kings "One for da Hustlas" Promo Video.

© 2013 GrynDE Hawse


Leek Wynder "How We Do It" feat M.A. Cee-Kings Promo Video

Leek Wynder "How We Do It" feat M.A. Cee-Kings promo video. 
Produced by Attic Stein

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Apr 13, 2013

M.A. Cee-Kings – “BDKMV Freestyle”

M.ACee-Kings “BDKMV Freestyle

M.A. Cee-Kings delivers another classic freestyle over Kendric Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” instrumental. D.M.O.E. (Delaware’s Most Official eMCee), decided to go rapid fire on this one. A lil’ different from his laid back cadence, but ch”ILL” nonetheless.

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Apr 6, 2013

M.A. Cee-Kings - Came To Party (Cover Art)


Came To Party  COMING SOON!

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It's not a rumor. - M.A. Cee-Kings

Check out this footage of me (M.A. Cee-Kings) , the GrynDE Hawse Family, and friends in the studio as I record Came To Party featuring Monet Calloway & NeyWil. 
Shot by Channel Pyramid (formerly M2Multimedia)

New Music: M.A. Cee-Kings - Pardon Me


Check out this joint I did over Rick Ross' Amsterdam called Pardon Me. I wrote this joint because I felt like trash rappers get all the shine while the lyricists struggle to bubble. I've tried to make nothing but super dope lyrical rhymes and records since day one of me falling in love with this hip hop sh*t, and to hear sub par and below rappers get acclaim for the not sh*t they be saying urks a n*gga. 

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Mar 3, 2013


Shout Out To Everyone That Has Ever Supported Me And My Music! I am eternally grateful for all the love and support over the years and now. I have entered the next phase of my life and career as an owner/artist of GrynDE Hawse, LLC. GrynDE Hawse is the label. You can check out everything thats going on with me and my artists on